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2:20 PM Found Property8:50 PM Found Property
2:10 AM Found Property3:20 AM Information9:10 AM Non Injury Motor Vehicle Accident7:15 PM Found Property8:00 PM Found Property9:03 PM Fire Alarm10:25 PM Ill Student10:30 PM Welfare Check
10:00 AM Larceny of a Bicycle12:40 PM Found Property2:25 PM Found Property2:30 PM Pedestrian Check4:00 PM Burglary From A Vehicle5:15 PM Found Property
9:50 AM Pedestrian Check11:10 AM Ill Person1:35 PM Non Injury Motor Vehicle Accident4:25 PM Student Misconduct4:30 PM Pedestrian Check4:48 PM Suspicious Person5:30 PM Fire9:50 PM Property Damage
11:20 AM Student Misconduct11:30 AM Welfare Check2:00 PM Found Property4:05 PM Fire Alarm7:00 PM Information9:40 PM Noise Complaint10:10 PM Pedestrian Check
1:30 AM Ill Student5:40 AM Student Misconduct11:00 AM Non Injury Motor Hit and Run Vehicle Accident3:05 PM Property Damage4:20 PM Information5:00 PM Burglary From A Vehicle6:00 PM Larceny of a Bicycle6:10 PM Information9:20 PM Fire9:50 PM Information
1:00 AM Student Misconduct2:20 AM Found Property12:35 PM Found Property2:00 PM Found Property8:45 PM Suspicious Activity10:50 PM Indecent Exposure
12:00 AM Pedestrian Check1:35 AM Noise Complaint3:10 AM Fire Alarm4:00 PM Found Property4:10 PM Larceny of a Bicycle8:45 PM Property Damage8:50 PM Information8:50 PM Property Damage11:40 PM Larceny of a Bicycle
1:00 AM Injured Student3:30 AM Information8:45 AM Information12:40 PM Non Injury Motor Vehicle Accident1:00 PM Information1:00 PM Information2:30 PM Found Property3:10 PM Non Injury Motor Vehicle Accident4:40 PM Found Property4:50 PM Found Property5:15 PM Found Property5:35 PM Fire Alarm9:00 PM Larceny of a Bicycle11:30 PM Larceny of a Bicycle
8:55 AM Pedestrian Check9:35 AM Found Property2:45 PM Found Property10:00 PM Found Property
1:45 AM Fire Alarm3:10 AM Noise Complaint4:15 AM Pedestrian Check1:00 PM Burglary From A Vehicle2:01 PM Vehicle Impound4:15 PM Pedestrian Check
1:20 AM Student Misconduct2:55 AM Pedestrian Check10:05 AM Non Injury Motor Vehicle Accident4:00 PM Non Injury Motor Vehicle Accident5:00 PM Found Property6:00 PM Injured Person6:00 PM Pedestrian Check8:00 PM Information10:25 PM Pedestrian Check
3:45 AM Found Property11:50 AM Found Property12:00 PM Student Misconduct4:15 PM Noise Complaint9:50 PM Noise Complaint
1:15 AM Student Misconduct3:00 AM Noise Complaint5:35 AM Physical Altercation7:25 AM Alcohol Violation4:00 PM Non Injury Motor Hit and Run Vehicle Accident5:50 PM Found Property7:30 PM Fire Alarm
5:55 AM Ill Employee12:30 PM Sexual Assault 5:30 PM Found Property5:50 PM Larceny of a Bicycle7:30 PM Found Property
9:20 PM Property Damage
9:15 AM Found Property10:35 AM Information11:40 AM injury Motor Vehicle Accident10:00 PM Larceny of a Bicycle11:30 PM Noise Complaint
8:15 AM Found Property1:30 PM Welfare Check2:05 PM Fire Alarm6:30 PM Pedestrian Check7:10 PM Found Property8:30 PM Found Property8:45 PM Injured Student
12:00 AM Aggravated Assault/ Student Misconduct6:40 AM Ill Person7:00 AM Student Misconduct
1:30 AM Noise Complaint8:00 AM Welfare Check9:30 AM Found Property11:00 AM Pedestrian Check
12:55 AM Noise Complaint1:15 AM Information5:20 AM Burglary From A Vehicle8:25 AM Welfare Check10:45 AM Welfare Check9:25 PM Pedestrian Check10:20 PM Larceny of a Bicycle10:20 PM Breaking and Entering
10:00 AM Welfare Check10:35 PM Pedestrian Check11:15 PM Pedestrian Check
9:00 AM Found Property11:50 AM Welfare Check9:20 PM Found Property
8:30 AM Pedestrian Check8:35 AM Non Injury Motor Vehicle Accident9:30 AM Student Misconduct9:31 AM Information12:55 PM Injured Student2:15 PM Found Property3:00 PM Information4:30 PM Information4:30 PM Found Property
2:45 PM Injured Student3:30 PM Welfare Check4:00 PM Larceny of a Bicycle5:20 PM Found Property
4:10 PM Found Property
12:00 AM Information12:10 AM Noise Complaint10:30 AM Malicious Mischief11:30 AM Pedestrian Check12:30 PM Pedestrian Check3:15 PM Vehicle Impound5:10 PM Fire Alarm9:13 PM Found Property
5:15 PM Non Injury Motor Vehicle Accident9:05 PM Information
9:55 AM Pedestrian Check12:00 PM Larceny of a Bicycle3:15 PM Found Property3:30 PM Property Damage3:40 PM Found Property6:25 PM Injured Student 8:20 PM Welfare Check9:00 PM Found Property
3:00 AM Suspicious Activity5:20 AM Found Property11:40 AM Injured Student12:15 PM Larceny of a Bicycle1:15 PM Welfare Check2:00 PM Larceny of a Bicycle2:10 PM Vandalism5:45 PM Found Property
1:30 AM Found Property3:50 AM Ill Student8:55 AM Vehicle Impound10:08 AM Vehicle Impound12:04 PM Vehicle Impound12:54 PM Non Injury Motor Vehicle Accident2:00 PM Found Property